What can I do with a Polish passport? Will I have to give up my other citizenship?

A Polish citizen is a citizen of the European Union since May 1st, 2006, and can already work in all of its 28 countries.
If you are retired, you could live in any EU state.
A Polish citizen can also enter most of the countries in the world more easily, usually with no visa required.
In most cases you will not lose your current citizenship (check here) because if eligible then you were born Polish and are not naturalizing as such.
After Brexit many British citizens are eager to get their EU passport in order to stay a part of the EU in the future, regardless of the outcomes of the exit.
See the EU website

Am I eligible for Polish citizenship?
To read the main points of the Polish citizenship laws governing this topic, click here.
Use our Polaculator to check if you are eligible for Polish citizenship.
As soon as your ancestor that turned 16 after 1951 got his citizenship, you and your children are also Poles, and only need to confirm it.

What does the process consist of?
The process consists of 3 phases, if you want a passport, but your ancestors only have to complete the first stage, for you to be able to apply for your passport.
I.e. if Regina born in Warsaw is Sheila’s mother, who in turn is David’s mom, and David is interested in getting himself a Polish passport, it’s
enough that Regina and Sheila confirm their citizenship, one after the other, for David to get his passport and go work in London.

First phase |
Confirmation of Polish citizenship
Second phase | Transcription of documents to Polish ones
Third phase | Application for Polish passport

First phase: Confirmation of the Polish citizenship
A person in Polish by law, if one of his parents was Polish in the time of his birth.
The purpose of the confirmation process is to find out if the applicant did not lose his citizenship, and neither his ancestors, before his birth, or before he ceased to be a minor.
If you are starting the process, and checked with our Polaculator you are eligible, first thing you should do is obtain the birth certificate of the last of your ancestors born in Poland.
The other documents to present change according to the exact case. Check the Polish consulate website for the list.
If you have decided to apply by yourself through the consulate, click here to download the required documents.
If you need any help with the application, please find it in our services page.



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