(Polish mother in Hebrew) is an informative website for anyone who wants to get his Polish citizenship and passport, having Polish predecessors.
My name is Yishai, a software engineer with a Master in Computer Linguistics and MBA from Tel Aviv, Israel.
I applied for my Polish passport and citizenship by myself.
In the last few years I’ve heard a lot of incorrect information and urban legends about this process and stories about lawyers and others that charge a lot for the service, take ages to finish and sometimes never achieve any results.
Some will take you as a client even when you are not eligible by law, just to get your money.

For that reason I’ve decided to offer another option, the decent one!
I have neither luxury offices, nor secretaries or Armani suits, in fact I work at home, and that way can offer you help in applying for your Polish passport for a very good price. Check here.
Oh, and the best part is that I am not a lawyer, so you will get only honesty :-)

Testimonials, mostly in Hebrew, here.

Ima has 100% success! All our clients get passports!
You will not find one person in the whole world that we applied for his passport and disappointed.
The secret is to say NO when there is no chance. Ima believes in honesty and said NO to dozens of callers.

The first thing that interests me is to get you well informed, about the chances, the process, your options and prices, so nobody out there can swindle you. Knowledge is power!
You can read my FAQ section , ask me questions and get your European citizenship on your own. It’s quite easy!!
But, first thing you should do is check if you are still a Polish citizen:

Eligibility for Polish citizenship

Check here the Polish citizenship laws governing this issue.

Click here for the Polaculator that will tell you if are entitled to Polish citizenship or not.
I tried to take in mind all the nuances of the laws, but, forgive me if I missed any. In general the Polaculator is optimistic: if you get a no it’s a NO, and if yes, you should still check with a human advisor, like me.



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