We offer distance services and you could enjoy them without even moving away from your PC, almost.
You can contact me by email, Skype, MS Messenger or landline, and send me documents by email, Fax or post, and receive your citizenship approval by post.
You can pay me through Paypal or bank transfer in any currency.

VIP Service

Ima Polania will accept your documents and do whatever is needed for you to get your Polish citizenship confirmation.
The only thing left for you to do is to take the filled out forms Ima sends you and apply for your Polish passport in the Polish consulate in your country. You are the only one that can ask for it.
The service includes:

All this for only 900€ per person, and 250€ for minors!!

Wrap-it-up help

Ima promises to try and not be offended if another Ima helped you with your application, and help you finish other people’s unfinished business, with:

English-Polish translations

Tracing documents in Poland

200-300€ each (depends on archive location)

Transcription of documents into Polish ones

140€ each

Name change in Poland, to make it equal to your new name, a prerequisite for a passport


Genealogical Research

Ima also amuses herself in geneaology. Already in Poland she knew exactly who is whose son, and which groom is good to set up with your daughter, and which  to leave for your enemies.
So, if you find new interest in your family, may it be due to your new Polish passport or due to your son’s roots project, Ima can help you find your lost relatives or get missing information about your ancestors.

Heir Tracing

As part of her research, Ima could help find heirs in Poland to a solitary deceased person, before his inheritance goes to the state’s treasury.
Tell Ima if your come across an obituary that she overlooked. It seldom happens, she knows them by heart.




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