How long does the process take?
A request presented in the consulate will take much longer than one presented in Poland due to prolonged administrative proceedings (they admit it, see remaks here )
An application filed in Poland will probably take about 3 months.
Transcription takes about the same time, that can be counted in parallel.
The passport application process takes about 2 more months.
That means that if your grandpa was born in Poland, until you get your passport about a year will pass if you apply in Poland, or even 3 years if you don’t. Be patient!

How do I get documents form Poland?
You can write an Email or a letter to the city’s registry office. Write me and I’ll send you the address. This way you can save waiting time at the embassy.
Some cities do not send documents.
If that is the case, you can fill out this document, and present it in the consulate, and in 3 months get the document there, if found.
Ima Polania can help you find documents in Poland sometimes even if you could not find them through the consulate.

What forms do I have to fill out?

Click here to download the required documents, if you decide to present the application yourself through the embassy (Ima can help you fill them
out, see our services page)

How do I issue documents and present them?
All non Polish documents must be presented :

Where do I present the application?
The application is presented in 2 copies in the Polish consulate near your house.
See specific opening hours for citizenship issues in the consulate’s website.

Is it true that I need a lawyer for applying?

Only if your request was denied, you need a lawyer to appeal.
Check with us if there is any chance it will be denied.

And if my application was rejected?

You can ask for citizenship from the president of Poland. But this type of citizenship cannot be inherited, each person will have to ask for it, and the further you go from your Polish past the lower the chance to get a positive reply. In this case, there is nothing to do but find yourself a nice European groom or bride.

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